About Cryptoland Scout

Cryptoland Scout is a program whose main purpose is to be a market scanner and to help you choose which currency pair and when to enter the trade. It is most effective in trading in small time frames where it gives the best results. It can be used when spot trading but also gives good results when trading on the margin. What should be especially emphasized is that the program analyzes the market simultaneously for all selected pairs. No matter what your strategy is when trading cryptocurrencies, Cryptoland Scout will be an indispensable tool that drastically increases your chances of winning.

Computerland Scout - Bull and Bear

System requirments – hardware

The hardware requirements for using Cryptoland Scout mostly depend on the number of pairs you want to track. There is a rule that one thread is reserved for the system and remains threads can follow 7 currency pairs each. So if you have a 4-core processor you can choose up to 21 currency pairs (4-1) x 7 = 21. 6 cores will allow you to efficiently track 35 currency pairs and so on.

System requirments – software

Software requirements are simple. You must have Microsoft Windows 7 or later installed and the latest Java installed.