How to trade with a 25% discount on fees?

If you are an active crypto trader you will pay a lot of your money on fees. The best way to save money is to trade with a 25% discount on fees.

When placing each “order”, Binance will take his commission – fee. The fee is different for spot and futures trading, and it also differs if you use a “market order” or place an order via the “limit” option. Binance gives you the option to trade at a discount if you use BNB as a means of paying fees. The best way to pay less on fees is that you always have enough BNB in ​​your Binance account. Namely, if you decide that your fee is calculated through the BNB, you will receive a 25% discount on the fee.

You can read more about commission prices here


Just to know that if you trade in the futures market you need to have BNB in your futures wallet.

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