The land of Crypto is not a Disneyland…

…but it can be

In the land of Crypto, you have to watch every step because here everything is lurking for you.  Although it seems that everything is beautiful, colorful, and smiling like in a real Disneyland, the reality is completely different. Here, it’s very easy to slip and sink into the mud of a dumped coin. To be safe, you need to equip yourself with the latest technology and an experienced guide. Cryptoland Scout is your guide through the land of Crypto. With  Cryptoland Scout, you will safely reach the end of the rainbow and your jar filled with gold.

How it works?

Cryptoland Scout is the trading tool for Binance exchange that finds hidden structures in market chaos and allows you to simultaneously use price action, ABCD patterns, Fibonacci retracement, relative strength index, all four types of RSI divergences, Heikin Ashi and Smoothed Heikin Ashi candles. It collects data in real-time and sends alerts for all trading opportunities. Powerful filters allow extracting meaningful signals from data noise. Cryptoland Scout also works on all time frames and supports more than 330 cryptocurrency trading pairs. In one word – all you need to find winning trade setups.

Which cryptocurrency is best for daily trading?

Ever since the advent of bitcoin, cryptocurrency trading has become increasingly popular. At the beginning of crypto, people invested in cryptocurrencies and patiently waited for their price to jump, and then they would sell them. It is an investor approach in which the most important thing is to buy cryptocurrency at a low price and then sell it at a much higher price. The time that elapses between buying and selling is not essential and is often measured in months. As the crypto market grew and as many cryptocurrencies emerged, traders saw a chance to make more money and started trading on a daily basis. With this way of trading, it is also important to buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price, but the time that elapses between buying and selling is much shorter, and is usually everything is done in one day, and it can happen that the whole cycle ends in less than an hour. What daily trader really wants is to make more trades in a shorter time and because of that to make more money.

To be a successful daily trader you need to have a good trading strategy. Some daily traders use candle patterns, some traders use chart patterns or Fibonacci retracement, or some more sophisticated methods like trading with Elliot waves. Most traders seek for confluence area where they can find several trading principles in one crucial point.

For every one of those strategies Cryptoland Scout is a real booster because with Scout trader is always one step in front of the market. 

Scout reads data from the market and gives traders important information about all coins and all time frames and traders can be prepared for the next trade.

When we know all of this it is easy to say that real traders don’t have prejudice about which coins are good to trade on a daily base. Good traders always listen market and seek the best chance. If that chance is in the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum traders will make the trade with that coins, but if the chance is in some new or smaller coins the good trader will not doubt and they will grab the chance for lucrative trade.

All that good chances are easy to overlook if you must monitor all coins by yourself. To be more efficient traders need the best trading tools. And the best trading tool for monitoring all cryptocurrencies on all time frames is Cryptoland Scout.