The land of Crypto is not a beautiful Disneyland

…but it can be!

In the land of Crypto, you have to watch every step you take, as there are creatures lurking in the shadows, waiting for the smallest mistake, ready to strike you with a short squeeze, a bull trap, or with a simple FUD. Although it seems that everything is beautiful, colorful, and made with your best interest at heart, the reality is completely different. Here, it’s very easy to slip and sink into the mud of a dumped coin. To be safe, you need to equip yourself with the latest technology and an experienced guide.

Cryptoland Scout is your guide through the land of Crypto. With Cryptoland Scout, you will safely reach the end of the rainbow, and your jar filled with gold.

Who are Cryptoland Scout users?

Statistics show that the most common users of Scout are traders who rely on the basics of technical analysis, such as:

  • price action
  • trends
  • divergences
  • Fibonacci levels

It’s kind of logical. Good traders rely only on fundamental indicators and don’t weigh in on fancy indicators that won’t work out for a long time.
Our idea when we created Scout was to have all these basic parameters in one place, but at the same time allow us to view all timeframes and all currency pairs on one screen. That’s it. No more and no less. So let’s summarize what Scout is.
Cryptoland Scout is a trading tool that combines all key technical analysis parameters on one screen for all currency pairs on all time frames.
Therefore, Scout provides points of interest that are a good starting point for more detailed technical analysis.
Cryptoland Scout is the trading tool for Binance exchange that finds hidden structures in market chaos and allows you to simultaneously use price action, ABCD patterns, Fibonacci retracement, relative strength index, all four types of RSI divergences, Heikin Ashi and Smoothed Heikin Ashi candles. It collects data in real time and sends alerts for all trading opportunities. Powerful filters allow extracting meaningful signals from data noise. Cryptoland Scout also works on all time frames and supports more than 330 cryptocurrency trading pairs in spot trading and 130 pairs in futures. In one word – all you need to find winning trade setups.

One Screen

All traders information that you need is on one screen.

Realtime for everything

Price Action, Fibonacci, Divergences…

Full custom filters

Put your own filters to work. Yours numbers works for your style of trading. Use them!

All time frames, all coins

Scout will monitorng all selected coins on all selected time frames

Binance prices

Choose from spot or futures market on Binance crypto exchange.

Standallone windows application

All this on regular Microsoft Windows based desktop or laptop PC.