Why do successful traders love to use Cryptoland Scout?

If you ask some of our clients why they love to use Cryptoland Scout they will always tell the same thing:

Scout’s main job is to make money and do that flawlessly. It couldn’t be any shorter and simpler.

Who are Cryptoland Scout users?

Scout users are traders who trade cryptocurrencies and use technical analysis when trading.

The ideal user of Scout is a trader who relies on the very essence of technical analysis:

  • Price Action
  • FIB levels
  • RSI Divergence
  • who does not believe in fancy indicators that themselves determine the entry and exit points of the trade

Why would a trader use Cryptoland Scout?

Because only Scout allows you to have all the necessary information from technical analysis on one screen for all (interesting to you) currency pairs in all time frames.

How does a trader make money using Scout?

Every trader who uses TA – technical analysis has his own trading strategy. In order to enter the position, some things need to happen in the market. It can be a series of market events like:

  • the price should be above EMA 100
  • the price had an immediate drop
  • the drop should be within the zone FIB 0.5 to FIB 0.618 (if it is in the golden pocket)
  • The TA zone should be on the support line
    If such a situation occurs, get into position with Long.

Well, that’s the way smart traders work. The trick is that there are a lot of pairs in the market and it is very difficult to follow all those pairs, especially if the trader wants to trade on several time frames.

By using Scout, the trader is put in a position to see all interesting pairs on one screen and thus not miss good opportunities for trading, and then analyze more deeply only those that meet the set criteria. In this way, the time required for the analysis of pairs is greatly reduced and only the points of interest are analyzed.

So, why do successful traders love to use Cryptoland Scout?

In this way, we see that Cryptoland Scout is practically a booster for every strategy out there. You will get more points of interest in a shorter time and with more accuracy.