How the best hardware setup for trading look like?

In order for Cryptoland Scout to work efficiently, you should have as strong a computer as possible. What is a good hardware setup for trading? A better CPU means that you can track more currency pairs and that again means you have more chances to trade. Always ask for the latest generation of CPUs with more cores and threads.

Our favorite CPU is AMD Ryzen 7950X or if you prefer the Intel platform then you can choose Intel I9 13900K.

A very important element is the number of monitors. Cryptoland Scout will surely be open on one screen all the time, the Binance exchange will be open on the other screen and it is very useful to have a third screen where you will open Trading View to check if Cryptoland Scout has chosen the right coin and the right moment to trade. So, the ideal setting is a computer of the latest generation, Microsoft Windows 10 (or 11) installed, the latest version of Java installed, and at least three monitors to illuminate a trader who wants to get rich …

Installation of Cryptoland Scout (text) and (video).